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If math is not your best subject, then the last thing you need
is for someone to say you have to study 200+ page book!
That’s why I wrote Real Estate Math Made Easy!
(40 pages with answers)

This book is written in conversational style as if I were tutoring you.  
There is an in simple explanation of the "T" Method which is used 
to solve many real estate math questions. (Learn from our sample)

Topics Covered
Commission Math - Finance Math - Property Taxes 
Appraisal Math - Capital Gains - Settlement Math - Area Math 
28 Math Questions
Formulas to show you step-by-step how to work the questions.

Step-by-step answers 
Includes a Free Real Estate Exam Strategy Booklet
and a Relax Your Way Thru the Real Estate Exam Audio File

Instant Access to the Materials
This is a PDF file
that you download. 


Please note. If you want additional materials to study, the Real Estate Math Made Easy is included in the
Pass My Real Estate Exam Prep Videos. 


"Thank you, Joyce!
This book really did make working
math questions much easier!"