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Should I invest in the online review or go to a cram course in the classroom?

Great question! Most cram courses provided by a school cost anywhere from $59 to $159 for a one or two day class.
You will probably be in a classroom with many other students and questions will limited. Many times the instructor
does not take any questions at all. You are instructed just to listen.

With the Online Real Estate Exam Review Videos you can:
1. Watch at your convenience 24/7
2. Replay the video until you know the concept
3. Download the audio files of the videos and listen while exercising, walking the dog, driving, etc.
   (Your school will not let you tape the cram session.)
4. Take the quizzes as many times as you want.
5. Email the instructor with questions.

Will this material help me prepare for the sales or broker exam?

When developing the materials I analyzed the content outlines of the AMP,  PSI and Pearson VUE testing services.
Certain real estate concepts are on every content outline. For example, there will probably be a question about deeds
on your state exam.

Everything that is on the sales exam will be on the broker's exam. The materials will help you prepare
for the  national portion of both the sales and broker's exam.

Please note. This material is NOT for the Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) Broker's Simulation exam.

How many videos are there?

There are 34 videos which total 4.75 hours of time and they range from 6 to 15 minutes in length.
Watch the demo to see the format and to see how much you learn!

For example, after you watch the demo video I will bet that you can tell me how many feet are in a chain!
That information will only be only the screen for about 3 seconds, but you will know because of the impact
of seeing a picture of a chain while hearing the length of the chain.

The videos were designed so that if you only have 10 to 20 minutes to study, you could and learn!

Concentrate while watching! Focus on the video and listen. If you can, listen with headphones.
It will help you focus and reinforce what you hear when you listen to the audio files.

By the time you watch the videos, take the quizzes, study the Exam Strategy and Real Estate Math Made Easy,
it is equivalent to at least most classroom cram courses! However, you did studied at your convenience and
without the distractions of the classroom!

How do I download the audio files?

First, create a folder on your desktop so you know where the files are on your computer.
Second, right mouse click on the audio file hyperlink and download to the folder.
Once the files are on your computer, you may burn to a CD or transfer to an iPod or MP3 player.

Downloading the audio files with a high speed internet connection is usually fast!

There are many software programs that allow you to burn the files to a CD or download to your iPod.

Depending on your skills and internet speed, you will spend at least an hour downloading and burning to CDs.

The audio files are in an MP3 file format.

I am not good at math. Will this help me with real estate math?

If you are of average intelligence and you think math is hard, I ask you this question.
Did you ever have a math teach that was excited about math? Usually the answer is no.

Will the Real Estate Math Made Easy help you learn math! Yes! Yes! Yes! (I love teaching real estate math!) 
Real Estate Math Made Easy was written in conversational style as if I were a private tutor talking to you!

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that math is not your best subject
and the only math book available to help you is 200 pages!

Real Estate Math Made Easy is a 40 page booklet that covers commission math, computing property taxes,
finance math, appraising math, settlement math and area math. There are 28 questions with detailed step-by-step answers.

These are the formulas that will more than likely be on your exam and that you will use in your real estate career!

Real Estate Math can be easy...if you know the formulas and follow the rules!

Do you use the "T" method to teach the math formulas?

Yes! Fortunately, when I was in school I had math teachers that were excited about math.
When I took the pre-license real estate classes I worked the math questions "my way"
even though the instructor was using the "T" method. My way worked, so I saw no need
to learn something different.

When I decided to teach real estate, the school said you have to teach the "T" method
to teach the math. So, instructor sat with me and taught me the "T" method to work
real estate math questions. Immediately I saw how easy it really was to teach those
who struggle with math! From that day forward, I called it "The Magical T!"

When I have seen former students in the mall or restaurant, I have been introduced as
"The instructor who made math easy with the Magical T!"

I find the "T" method of working real estate math confusing!
What do you suggest?

Anytime you learn something new it is confusing! Think about it.
The first time you rode a bike, drove a car, played tennis or learned your multiplication was confusing!

There are three stages to learning.

The first stage is "Concentrated Effort." This stage of learning takes work!
Remember, it is called homework...not home play. Most of us aren't in the one percent of the
SAT or ACT scores. So, that means we study! We read, we answer questions, we memorize vocabulary words.

The second stage is "Semi-Automatic." In this stage of learning we have grasped the basic concepts,
but we still have to think about it retrieve the information. Do you remember learning your multiplication tables?
How many worksheets did you complete? Did you use flashcards to study? How many hours did you spend?
At some point the teacher would ask, "What is 9 x 9?" and you would go...uhhhhh...81. At that point you
were in the semi-automatic stage of learning. (What are the five covenants of a general warranty deed? uhhhhhh..... )

The third stage is "Totally Automatic." If I woke you up at 3 a.m. and asked
"What is 9 x 9?" you would say 81 without even thinking about it!

Instructors need to be in the third stage to teach real estate.
Students only have to be in the second stage of learning to pass the exam.
So, forgive me for this is long answer to your question. Read "Math Made Easy" with an open mind,
just as I listened to the instructor when I knew I had to learn something the "T" if I wanted to teach.

The first 5 pages of the book are really simple. I promise the questions get harder!
Can I buy just the Real Estate Math Made Easy book?

Yes, the PDF file is $14.99. You will receive the Real Estate Exam Strategy booklet
and the Relax Your Way Thru the Real Estate Exam for FREE with your order.

Buy Real Estate Made Made Easy!
Do you have anything for test anxiety?

Yes! Test anxiety is real! Most of us get butterflies in our stomach when it is time to take a test.
Stress is good if it propels you to move forward and do your best. Distress or test anxiety will
cause you to sweat, increase your heart rate and your mind may "go blank."

This program provides two things to help you with test anxiety.

Number one is the Exam Strategy booklet which teaches you how to analyze test a questions and other test taking tips.
This book provides the basics of how to study.

Number two is the Relax Your Way Thru the Real Estate Exam audio file. This method of relaxation was taught to me
by Dr. Denis Waitley who was the first psychologist to provide psychological preparation to the Olympic athletics.

Many people fall asleep before this 15 minute audio file is over! You can learn to manage your test anxiety.
(Notice I did not say eliminate.) The Exam Strategy booklet and audio file will help you learn to relax and
stay focused during the exam.

How many questions are included?

The Online Real Estate Exam Review package contains over 650 questions to help you prepare for the real estate exam.
The material reviews the national or general portion of the exam.

The videos cover every aspect of real estate from Agency to Zoning! The quiz after each subject is relatively easy
because it will test your knowledge of the real estate vocabulary. Learning the vocabulary words is much easier
when you watch the videos!

There are three 80 question finals which are really hard! I see myself as the coach saying "do 100 sit-ups" knowing
that when you go to the state exam, you will only have to do 50 sit-sups.

If you do not pass my finals it is okay; but you must understand why you missed the questions that you missed.
If you understand why missed the questions, you will probably pass your state exam.

Why did you say "probably pass your state exam?"
Don't you guarantee that I will pass?

Do you think an attorney would ever “guarantee” you that you would win a case? I’m not an attorney, but just like an attorney,
or any other professional, it is just misleading to make a guarantee to pass. (In my opinion.)

The only guarantee in life is opportunity. Nobody knows what is going to be on your exam except the testing service.
Do you really believe those websites that say they have the exam questions that will be on your test?
If they did would they sell them for $20? $40? $100? For those that do offer a guarantee, read it carefully.

If you are looking for a magic bullet because you haven't studied, then I ask you to take your exam seriously.

Real estate is profession and needs to be respected as such! Would you want to go to a doctor, lawyer or CPA who
studied just what they needed to know to pass the exam? NO! Then, why would someone want to list their property
with you if all you did was study just enough to pass the exam?

Buying a house is the biggest investment that most people make in their lives. Take it seriously.

Your pre-license book is probably has the term "Real Estate Principles" in the title. The real estate principles
are the foundation of your career. If the foundation of a house has a structural problem, the rest of the house
will never be right.

You will use what you learn in your real estate classes in the "real world." Most states have a real estate newsletter
where the disciplinary actions are published. When you read the disciplinary actions, the law that was broken was
taught in the pre-license class.

So, knowing this material is very important. Pass your exam, then build on your pre-license foundation.
After you pass your test, learn sales and marketing skills, how to do a comparative market analysis, list a property,
negotiate a contract and close.

The Online Real Estate Review provides more materials than any other site.
The $69 investment is very reasonable for all that you receive.
How long do I have access to the Online Real Estate Review materials?

The username and password will expire in ninety days. If you need more time another set will be issued without charge.
That means you will have access to all the materials until you pass.

Can I download the videos to my computer?

Over 3,000 hours of time was spent in creating the Online Real Estate Review materials.
You may download the audio files, but you will need to be online to watch the videos and take the exams.

What are the system requirements?

A high speed (broadband) internet connection is required, such as cable or DSL. Supported systems include PC and Mac desktop, laptop and netbook computers, Apple iPad devices and Android tablets.


Technical information: Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 9+ and Safari 4+.
Javascript and cookies must be enabled.

Do I need any other exam prep books or software if I buy the
Online Real Estate Exam Review Videos?

If I were studying for the real estate exam I would buy the Online Real Estate Review materials
and the Exam Prep book/software for your testing service. (AMP, Pearson VUE or PSI.)

Why? Because I would rather be over prepared than have to take the test again!

If I had to make a choice I would buy the videos. Why? Because the videos are not a "flat medium."
This program combines the three modes of learning, which are visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
You can watch the video until you know the material! You can download the audio files and listen.
You can take the quizzes!

The Exam Strategy booklet will help you analyze the test questions: the Real Estate Math Made Easy will help
you with the basic math;  and the Relax Your Way Thru the Real Estate Exam audio file will help with test anxiety.

How long will it take me to get access to my materials?

Before you purchase, you will be asked to register. After you purchase, you will be directed to login
with the username and password that you created. So, your access is immediate.

Online Real Estate Review Videos are a digital product and are non-refundable once you login.
This is a standard policy for any digital purchase from Apple to Best Buy or any other site.
Once you have a digital product in can be easily duplicated. When you purchase you agree
that the materials are for your use only and will not be shared with anyone else.
Please review the demo and contact me with questions before making your purchase.

If, however, you experience difficulty accessing or downloading your purchased product, then help is available - please call
859-474-0448 or email

Do you have other questions?
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

Call - 859-474-0448 
Email -

Continued success!

Joyce Bea Sterling

Distinguished Real Estate Instructor
Certified Distance Education Instructor
Shortsales Foreclosure Resources Instructor
Generational Housing Specialist Instructor
Senior Housing Specialist Instructor
Author - Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam
Author - Online Real Estate Exam Review Videos
Author - Kentucky Real Estate Law Review
Co-Author - Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois - Third Edition
Suggestive Accelerated Learning and Teaching Certificate - Iowa State University